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Rodger W. Young

Rodger W. Youn
Letter Home

Nov. 15 - 1942
Sunday morn

Dear Chuck,
Well its time I write in answer to that wonderful letter I got from you. I might say that was very nice of you two to set down and write to me each of you a letter and one was signed on the back Charles Young and the other Mrs. Charles Young. I got quite a kick out of receiving letters from each of you in that manner. I told Sis I would write you today for a special reason and if you haven't already guessed it why it's the first day of hunting season for you folks back home. Yes Chuck we have bigger game over here and it don't cost us anything for the license, the only thing about this kind of hunting, this damn game can shoot back and therefore you become the game. Let me know how your first day comes out, I would like to be with you but its impossible. Maybe next year. So you still have the Motor Cycle, when I come home I am planning on trying to ride it again. I'm going to learn to ride on of those things good if I land in the hospital. I see you are getting along okay on it an it seems to me that Betty told me she was riding it.

If you get a bigger one that will be lots of fun watching that Cycle go down the road without anyone on it. I mean it will take off so fast that you wont be able to stay with it. I'm glad you wrote of "Tug", I seen the write up they gave him in the paper, it was darn good. I didn't know about Tug's boat being shot out from under him. Did you by any chance get his latest address? I wrote him a card quite awhile ago but haven't gotten an answer yet. Yes that "Young" family sure is getting big, lets see, you folks have two, Dicks have three and Web has two, that is seven all told, the only thing the girls have the lead of one. What are we going to do about that. I have a suggestion being from your family leads the boys. Well! Maybe Sis has something to say to that? Well Dick should be a happy man to get a boy, I just will be the "Uncle Fuzzy" I always have been known as.

Say Chuck I have run into quite a coincident here in the Army. I am now a Squad leader and my second in command is none other than "Whitey Mann" a Corporal. I'm positive you know him for he was working for Craigs when you had that accident with fire. If you can remember that far back he is also one of the men that carried you into the house after the fire was put out. He and I get along swell and he is a darn good man to have around. He was to be made Sgt. and someone else got it, I still haven't been able to figure that one out. Well Chuck I am going to ring off, I saw Web and he is just fine and the same goes for I and all. I am going to send you letter free as I sent Bettys by air I am working an experiment to see which letter gets there first. They both will leave the Company area at the same time. Let me know which comes the quicker and by how many days?

As ever,

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