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Rainbow Garden

By 1933 Rainbow Garden had a new manager, Cy Connors, a friend of Frank Buehler's who had been involved with the Garden from the beginning. By this time the amusement corporation had lost interest in the amusement park plans. The planned athletic facilities were never built except for a roller-skating rink.

During the 1930's Rainbow Garden earned its reputation as an outstanding showcase for the best musical entertainment of the day. Cy Connors was instrumental in bringing big bands and entertainers to Rainbow Garden. Taking advantage of the big bands traveling between Cleveland, Toledo and Detroit, Connors booked entertainment that rivaled New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. Big names that performed at the Garden included Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James, Guy Lombardo, Gene Krupa, Tex Beneke, Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton and others. Frank Sinatra was 25 years old when he came with Tommy Dorsey and performed in the early 1940s.

- Written by Cheryl Laugherty -

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