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Buses Arrive at Rainbow Garden

Wonder spot, Located East of Fremont, Rivals the Best in Its Line
Dance floor and Administration Building
Wonders- - - Great Music

What to do, and where to go in the summer months has long been a problem to Fremonters who did not care to go out of town for an afternoon or evening’s entertainment, but they will no longer be troubled when the question of where to spend the evening, is broached, for Rainbow Garden will be thrown open to the public Saturday night with Pete Forsythe’s Kirksville, Mo., Osteopathic Band, furnishing music for the first four weeks of the season.

Rainbow Garden, an idea conceived by a number of local business men several weeks ago, is located just east of the city limits on McPherson highway where the Steinle-Wolfe Construction company have built one of the real beauty spots in this section of the state, after plans drawn by Carl Steinle, the architect.

The promenades, balconies, dining hall, and all the interior finishing in the administration and main buildings as well as the material in other buildings on the ground was furnished by the Advance Lumber and Supply Company and the Price Lumber Co.

One of the features of the dance pavilion will be the marble floor constructed by Venetian Marble Company, of Tiffin, who have built a floor 100 feet square of Venetian marble, with a special terrazzo finish bordered and paneled with red, black, and white polished marble.

Lighting System

The lighting system for the dance floor was designed and built especially for the dance floor and will consist of an X-Ray system which, with its many vari-colored globes, will lend a fascinating effect as the music floats over the air and the dancers glide about the floor.

The management of the garden have installed a system of flood lighting for the highway frontage of the garden which will attract the attention of tourists and others who may pass along the roadway, for the great, white lights which will be hidden among the branches. The trees will light the place so that a daylight effect will be present on the darkest night. The standards at the front of the building and the roseate lighting on the main building were also furnished by the same firm.

Many tons of stone, cement, and sand were required for the construction of the dance pavilion which is 130 x 130 feet, and is divided into a promenade around the entire floor, 15 feet wide, and an orchestra space of 24 feet square, in the center of the structure, and all of the material was supplied by Gottron Brothers.

Sheetrock, and Textone used for finishing purposes and which lends a color and a tone to the finished walls of the dining hall and the administration building, the offices and the orchestra and band quarters are products of U.S. Gypsum Co., of Port Clinton. All of the interior decorations were done by Alphonse Fuchs, well known Fremonter.

The work of construction has taken several months and many men have been employed, and in order that the promoters of the idea might keep faith and open the new resort as promised on May 19. It was found necessary during the last two weeks to work night and day.

A first class chef will be in charge of the kitchens and the food to be served will be the best that it is possible to purchase, according to Frank Buehler, who will be in charge, and everything that can be done to encourage the better class of people to make Rainbow Garden their pleasure place, will be done.

The opening date has been set for tonight and tomorrow a sacred concert will be given by the famous Osteopathic Band to which every resident of Fremont and vicinity have been extended an invitation.

Fremont Project

In the construction of the dance floor, the largest Marble dancing floor in this part of the state, 350 tons of sand were used and like everything else that could be purchased in Fremont, it was bought here, the Home Sand Company supplying this vast amount of specially prepared sand.

Rainbow Garden is owned entirely by Fremont business men who have endeavored in the building of the place to furnish Fremont and vicinity with a place where clean wholesome entertainment can be had and where dinner parties can be arranged on short notice.

D. W. Cushman is president of the operation company and A. R. Christy is vice-president, with Charles I. Sherwood having been named secretary and treasurer. Harry Gottron, D. L. Christy, and Roy White complete the Board of Directors. Frank Buehler will have the active management of the Garden and states that he has prepared a program of amusement for the summer months that he is sure residents of this part of the state will appreciate.

[Excerpted from: "Rainbow Garden to open its Wonders for Approval Tonight," Fremont Daily Messenger, May 29, 1926]

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