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Site Purpose

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Purpose of this Site:
This website is a cooperative project of four libraries in Sandusky County, intended to showcase images and documents from the county's history and to make them widely available to the public, especially students. Many of these are unique and fragile primary sources not otherwise able to withstand repeated use.

Materials in this exhibit are historical records. Some items may contain material considered sensitive, since it reflects the culture and values of a particular place and time. Spelling and grammatical idiosyncrasies have been retained as they appear in the original documents. Authenticity is part of the educational and historical purpose of the exhibit.

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Clyde Public Library is pleased to fund part of this website from its Thaddeus B. Hurd Endowment Fund, a fund dedicated to providing and preserving Clyde and Sandusky County historical information.

Birchard Public Library has provided funding for this website with a gift given in memory of Oscar Daum, Jr. by his family, and through general library funds.

Local funding and support was also provided by Bellevue Public Library.


Hayes Presidential Center

Barbara Paff, project leader, provided content selection and editing from the collections of the Center, with assistance from Becky Hill, Gilbert Gonzalez, Mervin Hall, and Nan Card, all of the Center, and Cheryl Laugherty of Birchard Library.

Gilbert Gonzalez designed the homepage collage and site logo, provided the graphics from the Center's collections, and assisted in the design of the site.

Jeanne Gloor of JMG Digital Development Services designed and constructed the final website in conjunction with Gilbert Gonzalez.

Three web design classes, taught by Martha Loughlin at Terra Community College, digitized text as part of a class project.

Staff members from the various libraries assisted with editing, suggestions, and encouragement.


All images and documents, except where otherwise credited, are from the collections of the Hayes Presidential Center.

Site Hosting

The site is hosted on Birchard Public Library's server.

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Terms of Use and Copyright Information:
All images and documents, except where otherwise credited, are from the collections of the Hayes Presidential Center. Use of the materials for educational and research purposes is encouraged. Newspaper clippings and similar excerpts are reproduced by permission and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without the written consent of the publishers. It is the researcher's responsibility to satisfy copyright restrictions in reproducing materials from this exhibit beyond that allowed by fair use.

Links on this site to other locations should be considered only as referrals, and not necessarily construed as endorsements

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