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Charlie Haaser & Rainbow Rhythm Orchestra



Milady Can Dine Or She Can Dance;
Spacious Porch Affords a Pleasant
Place to Greet Friends

Men, poor blind men, have named it "Rainbow Garden," because men can only see, with their eyes, and can't remember anything but golf scores, and mileage, but to thousands of women and girls who will visit the garden, and having danced there in the light of multi-colored globes, coquetted in the garden, under the stars, had their hearts torn by soft waltzes, and restored to normal by swinging foxtrots, and talked the patter of friendship over gay tables, the amusement park just east of Fremont will be a Paradise of Memories.

There are some places like that, you know, places where you are bound to have a good time, places of which you will say "do you remember the time at--?" Our mothers speak of them, in recalling the gay times of their girlhood, and we shall tell of them in future years.

Revives Old Times

And how can we forget "Rainbow Garden?" The color of it, red and green, violet and rose, will match all our complexions, and our complexes, as well. The informal landscaping of it, with trees growing miraculously out of roof tops, and the quaint moat and quainter rustic bridges, just like the ones where gran'pa made love to gran'ma, are ideal photographs for memory's album. And crossing the bridges and onto the dance floor, smooth as glass, and large enough for your friends, and then some, well, what girl hasn't a soft spot in her heart for the floor where she dances the best?

Rations For Flapper

If it's food you like, and where's the flapper that isn't ready for rations, then cross the rustic bridge again, and enter the dining room for fish, froglegs, lobsters, steaks, or chicken, prepared by an expert chef, who'll add to your weight and pleasure by his delicacies. Or if it's just a cooling drink you want, there will be ginger ale, and pop, lemonade and fountain delicacies in cunning booths and at counters. Then, if you'd have more dancing, on with the ball, and dance to your heart's content.

There is no type of woman who can't find what she likes best at the garden: I've spoken of the flapper, who's looking for dancing. The orchestra for the first month, with our own "Pete" Forsythe, the Kirksville Osteopaths, guarantee the inspiration for every mood of Terpsichore from the Charleston to the old fashioned waltz.

Colors And Lights

The woman who likes to eat, will delight in the dining room, the prettiest room in the garden. The dining room will be finished in tones of blue and silver, like the sky at twilight, with ten dull silver light domes spreading the flattering indirect light about the room.

"A table to match the rose on your hat. Yes, Madam, right over here," for each table, and its four accompanying chairs, is painted a different color. Blue and silver side lights add more color, and the walls will be stained in shades of blue. A score of windows will give view to the garden, the moat and the arches of lights in the park.

Large Porch For Cards

If you like to count your honors, and bid a reckless no-trump, you can sit at tables on the 154 foot porch, extending its wide portals across the front of the dining and concession rooms building, and have an outdoor game on the screened enclosure. If you prefer to sit quietly in the garden, or wander about in its beauty, your taste will also be met.

The outdoor girl may attend the athletic events that will be weekly occurences in the athletic grounds, in the rear of the dance hall, and she will be permitted to swim in the pool of pure water that will be part of the moat.

How about a game of bridge in the afternoon, a swim, a wonderful dinner, a stroll through the picturesque garden, until the dancing begins? Can Coral Gables, Palm Beach or other touted pleasure resorts beat these attractions?

The Men Can See

Better apologize to the men, I think. They do have eyes that see, for they have forseen the pleasures and comfort of women: they have planned for their delight, they have builded for their pleasure. Deep chairs, rest rooms, and a thousand conveniences that are seen about the garden testify to the thought that the men who constructed "Rainbow Garden" gave to their women patrons, and they have built not for one woman, or for one class of women, but for flapper and grandmother, matron and maid, alike. Nothing has been skimped that would add to milady's pleasure.

The song will have to be changed, not "be my rainbeau," but "take me to Rainbow" will be the edict of Ohio women in the future.

[Excerpted from: The Fremont Daily News, May 29, 1926]

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