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McPherson Title

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McPherson Monument

"McPherson Monument,
Clyde, Ohio, 1881"

On behalf of the Clyde Monument Association and the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, General Andrew Hickenlooper commissioned Louis Rebisso of the Cincinnati Art Foundry to create this second bronze sculpture of McPherson.

When President Ulysses S. Grant and General William T. Sherman feared that the first monument would never be erected, they asked Cynthia McPherson for permission to move the site of the statue from Clyde to Washington, D. C. She agreed and further assented to the removal of McPherson's body to that location. Congress appropriated $25,000 for the base and dedicated McPherson Square in his honor. Grant sent one of McPherson's closest friends, George T. Elliot, to bring McPherson's body to Washington. Outraged residents of Clyde prevented the removal.

After the monument dedication in Washington, D.C., General Ralph P. Buckland of Fremont quietly protested. Buckland thought it undignified that no monument graced McPherson's grave. Buckland, President Rutherford B. Hayes, and Sandusky Countians joined with the society of the Army of the Tennessee and soon raised funds for this second statue. Civil War veterans financed fully two thirds of the cost of both statues.

Credit: [From a private collection]
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