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McPherson Title

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Lydia Slocum

"Lydia Slocum"

Grandmother of James B. McPherson

James B. McPherson's parents were William McPherson (born 1796 in Ireland, died 1847 in Clyde, Ohio) and Cynthia Russell McPherson (born 1805 in Hopewell, N.Y., died 1883 in Clyde, Ohio).

His sisters and brothers were Emeline E. McPherson (born 1830, died 1884 in Clyde, Ohio), Russell B. McPherson (born 1832 in Clyde, Ohio), and William H. McPherson (born 1835, died 1871 in Clyde, Ohio).

Cynthia Russell McPherson's parents were John Russell (born 1774 in Chesterfield, Mass., died 1814 in Hopewell, N.Y.) and Lydia Norton Russell (born 1877 in Richmond, Mass., died 1876 in Clyde, Ohio). Lydia remarried twice.

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