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McPherson Title

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McPherson Dress Sword

"McPherson' Dress Sword "

Inscribed Maj. Gen J. B. McPherson, From A Friend, this heavily-engraved gilt and silver dress sword was presented to General McPherson by his friend, Chief Artillerist and Chief Engineer General Andrew Morgan Hickenlooper. The sword was returned to Hickenlooper following McPherson's death. Hickenlooper distinguished himself during the Siege of Vicksburg when as chief engineer he orchestrated artillery operations and the Vicksburg mine explosion, the first ever used in warfare.

No man was more devoted to McPherson in life or in death than General Andrew Hickenlooper. After McPherson's death, Hickenlooper served in the March to the Sea under O. O. Howard, but he deeply mourned the loss of his friend and commander. "Headquarters was like a tomb and never again possessed the unbounding hospitality of McPherson." As Corresponding Secretary of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, Hickenlooper worked tirelessly for the creation of the McPherson monuments. For greater authenticity, Hickenlooper gave this sword as well as McPherson's binoculars and saddle to sculptor Louis Rebisso to use as models.

Credit: [From a private collection]
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