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McPherson Title

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"McPherson Oil Portrait 1864"

In the spring of 1864 McPherson sat for this oil portrait done by a Southern artist in Huntsville, Alabama. In June, just six weeks before his death, McPherson wrote his mother from Marietta, Georgia, asking if the portrait had arrived safely in Clyde, Ohio.

As commander of the Army of the Tennessee, McPherson moved his 30,000-man army east from Huntsville to Georgia where he joined William T. Sherman's Atlanta Campaign:…have been marching and fighting every day…Each day carries me farther and farther from home; but I assure you, my dearest mother, my love and affection for it increases. When this war is over, I know I shall enjoy coming home, and settling down in quiet for a short time, where I can feel free from care and anxiety. You cannot realize the strain on one's mind, to be placed in the position I now occupy - never off duty, go to sleep with my clothes on, awakened a dozen times during the night, horses saddled and ready for any emergency…

[From a private collection]
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