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1908 Catalog Page 1

A Message from the Company
(The 1908 Catalog)

Catalog Page 12
Catalog Page 12
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in the early days of the industry, of the two-cycle engine itself; and a little later on, the elimination of all valves.

If this statement in turn seems a trifle strong, we again believe that any doubts which you may have on the subject will be removed if you follow us for a few paragraphs further in the development of our argument.

To start with, our system of ignition does away with all timer troubles. If you have ever operated a car a dozen such troubles will immediately suggest themselves to your mind, and a dozen instances will recall themselves in which you have been the victim of such troubles.

With our system, for instance, there can be no burning and fouling of contacts - an evil which is universally prevalent in all existing systems of ignition.With the new Elmore system you absolutely do away with all the troubles of vibrator, spark-coils, and that nightmare of all automobilists, the constant renewing or recharging of batteries.

The Elmore system of ignition gives one hot spark of the full intensity of the magneto, with none of the latter's liability of getting out of order.

To put it in as plain English as possible, there is absolutely nothing about the Elmore system of ignition to get out of order; and the owner can have the positive assurance, based on long and exhaustive trials, that ignition trouble of any sort is practically impossible.

So thorough and so wonderful is the efficiency of this system that it has been repeatedly shown that Elmore cars can be operated on cells which have been discarded as useless - draining the cells as low as one ampere. The high efficiency of this system, the low consumption of current, and the absolute draining of all the dry cells, naturally results in an extraordinary mileage showing - a showing so remarkable that we almost hesitate to cite you any facts or figures in that connection.

Merely as a hint of the marvelous results which have been secured with this system, we will say, however, that it is safe to assume that the Elmore four-cylinder car, on six ordinary six-inch dry cells,

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Catalog Page 13
Catalog 13
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will travel 1,500 miles. As a matter of fact, we have actually run cars on six such dry cells over 2,000 miles.

We realize in quoting you these figures that the results are so stupendous that it is hard for the user of the old and soon-to-be obsolete system to realize that we are not exaggerating a particle.

If you are inclined to be skeptical, we will only remind you that we would scarcely dare to hold out the probability of such results unless we had fully satisfied ourselves by exhaustive tests that we were safe in doing so.

One of the most delightful features of this new system is that the owner of the car can absolutely dismiss from his mind the possibility of all troubles arising from the timer, vibrator-coils and inefficient batteries.

Every man who has ever gone on an extended tour knows that before he started several worrisome thoughts were uppermost in his mind. First of all, he wondered whether his timer were making a proper contact; then he wondered whether his vibrator-coils were in proper adjustment; and lastly he worried most of all as to whether his batteries were fully charged.

And granting that he found upon investigation that all of these details were "right," he was still disturbed with the thought of the short time they would stay "right."

We say to you positively that all of these disquieting thoughts are done away with by the new Elmore system.

If again this seems all too good to be true, let us remind you that a portion of the public were equally skeptical when we told them years ago about the extraordinary advantages of the two-cycle engine. Let us remind you also that in that development we were years ahead of the market - and let us repeat that this ignition improvement of ours is second in importance only to the two-cycle engine itself and the elimination of valves.

The improvements in the 1908 model do not stop with this wonderful ignition system. Refining influences manifest themselves in every part of the car - every refinement suggested by years of hard work devoted to the perfection of one model.

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