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1908 Catalog Page 1

A Message from the Company
(The 1908 Catalog)

Catalog Page 10
Catalog Page 10
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"We promise you the most perfect car of its class in the world."

At the first blush this statement may seem to be far-fetched and unwarranted.

But if you will pursue the subject a little bit further we believe that you will agree with us that we are fully justified in making such a promise; and perfectly able to fulfill it.

We assume that you will grant that an automobile from which all engine trouble has been absolutely eliminated comes pretty close to being a perfect car.

Well, engine troubles ceased in the Elmore several years ago. We mean this statement to be accepted literally. We sell the Elmore - and our agents sell it - with the absolute assurance that the last possible element of trouble is eliminated from the valveless two-cycle engine.

It is difficult for us to state this apparently simple but vitally important fact as clearly as we would like. It is almost impossible to convince the perspective buyer that he is not going to have any trouble at all with his engine - and yet that is precisely what we want you to expect from the valveless two-cycle Elmore. We mean literally, as we have said in another paragraph in this book, there is nothing for the Elmore owner to pay attention to but the spark-plug.

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Catalog Page 11
Catalog Page 11
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To make such a sweeping promise on behalf of any four-cycle engine would, of course, be suicidal. No man who owns a four-cycle car, no matter how high its price nor how perfect its construction, can hope to be immune from engine trouble; for the very simple reason that the four-cycle principle itself, being based on complication, is productive of trouble.

We dare to promise you what the builder of a four-cycle car cannot promise you, precisely because ours is a two-cycle car; a car whose flow of power, as we have repeatedly said, is continuous, rhythmical, and unbroken.

We dare to promise you what no builder of a four-cycle car can promise you, moreover, because ours is a valveless as well as a two-cycle engine.

We do not intend, at this late date, to describe in detail the tremendous amount of trouble which you escape in the elimination of valves. If you have owned a four-cycle car of any type or size, just stop and think how much worriment and expense you would have saved had there been no valves, cams, springs, rollers, lifts, pins, or other parts on your engine.

If you think this one point over seriously enough, bearing in mind all the time that the Elmore engine has absolutely no valves, cams, or any of the attendant parts, it will not be necessary for us to emphasize the fact that we are warranted in promising you immunity from engine trouble.

There exists this year, however, an additional reason why we are able to promise you "the most perfect car of its class in the world." Perhaps we would not have been warranted in so sweeping a statement last year, for last year the Elmore, like all other cars, was subject to a lesser degree to the ignition troubles which are common to all types.

When we say to you that for 1908 with the installation of the Atwater-Kent generator we have absolutely eliminated all ignition troubles, you will begin to realize that the promise which we have made for 1908 is fully justified by the facts.

We consider the installation of our new ignition system to be almost as vital and far-reaching in its effects as was our adoption,

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