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Elmore Manufacturing Company

Suggested Additional Reading and Online Resources:

Sears, Stephen W. The American Heritage History of the Automobile in America. New York: American Heritage Books, 1977.
The New Encyclopedia of Motorcars; 1885 to the Present. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1982.
Luebke, Grace. Elmore, Ohio; a History Preserved. Elmore, Ohio: Elmore Bicentennial Committee, 1975.
Automobile Quarterly. Princeton, New Jersey: Automobile Quarterly. 1991, volume 29, number 2.
Local History vertical files on this topic, and/or manuscript collections, at the sponsoring libraries.
The Harris-Elmore Public Library (Elmore, Ohio) and the Clyde Heritage Museum (Clyde, Ohio) each have an Elmore automobile on display.
History of Elmore, Ohio, including information on the Elmore Manufacturing Company.
The Automobile Grows Up in Northwest Ohio. A history of small automobile manufacturers in early 20th Century Ohio, including the Elmore Manufacturing Company.
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