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Colonel George Croghan Title


Colonel George Croghan

George Croghan was born at Locust Grove, near Louisville, Kentucky, on November 15, 1791. He attended the College of  William and Mary and graduated in 1810. Always interested in military activities and battles, he decided to join the army.

He was appointed captain of the 17th infantry, on March 12, 1812 and his military record was excellent. In July of 1813, when Croghan was only 21 years old, General Harrison placed him in command at Fort Stephenson, Ohio, on the Sandusky River. In August the British and Indians under General Henry Proctor attacked the fort. Croghan, with only 160 men and one 6 lb. cannon, "Old Betsy", defeated them. For his famous victory Croghan was promoted to lieutenant-colonel in the Army, and Congress awarded him a gold medal in 1835. He resigned from the Service in 1817.

On January 8, 1849, he died of cholera at New Orleans. He is buried in Fremont at the Fort Stephenson location, now the site of Birchard Public Library.

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